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wxMaxima 14.12.1

This Open Source project provides a GUI front-end for the maxima command-line utility

Dec 22nd 2014, 07:47 GMT

AVC 0.8.3

Application View Controller

Feb 19th 2011, 14:22 GMT


Simple and small scheduler/calendar tool

Oct 25th 2010, 07:22 GMT

wxHarbour 0.5.1

wxHarbour is wxWidgets GUI for [x]Harbour.

Oct 7th 2010, 10:12 GMT

wxAdvTable 1.5

A table component

Feb 17th 2010, 19:48 GMT
  • IDEs

wxHatch 1.50

An IDE for Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Windows, built with and for wxWidgets users.

Feb 5th 2009, 14:07 GMT

wxGTK 2.8.7

wxGTK package contains wxWidgets for the GTK+ library.

May 7th 2008, 10:36 GMT

EsteidUtil 0.9.13

EsteidUtil is an Estonian national ID Card management GUI tool.

Mar 5th 2008, 13:31 GMT
  • Chat

wxMtpChat 0.13

wxMtpChat is a multi-platform MtpChat client written in C and based on wxWidgets framework.

Feb 5th 2008, 12:14 GMT

wxPerl 0.77

wxPerl is a Perl wrapper for the awesome wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit with native look and...

Aug 26th 2007, 03:35 GMT

WxExtLib 0.84.0018

WxExtLib is a C++ library with extensions for the wxWidgets cross-platform UI library.

Apr 20th 2007, 16:05 GMT

mod_wxjs 0.9.0

mod_wxjs's main goal is to port wxWidgets to JavaScript.

Oct 25th 2006, 04:35 GMT

Ixion media player 0.2

Ixion is a media player that uses wxWidgets and GStreamer.

Jul 22nd 2006, 11:05 GMT