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CiviCRM 4.6.8

An open source and totally free Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software

Sep 24th 2015, 22:09 GMT

Bitnami WordPress Stack 4.2.3-0

An easy-to-install distribution of the WordPress blogging software and its dependencies

Aug 4th 2015, 07:56 GMT

Bitnami WordPress Module 4.2.3-0

An easy-to-install module for the WordPress Stack virtual appliance created by Bitnami

Aug 4th 2015, 07:55 GMT

Bitnami WebPack 2014.10.28-0

A free, pre-configured and ready-to-run bundle of Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress.

Dec 13th 2014, 18:20 GMT

TurnKey WordPress Live CD 13.0

An installable WordPress Live CD that is easy to use, lightweight and based on Debian GNU/Linux

Oct 23rd 2013, 09:33 GMT

Wordpress Blogging JumpBox 1.8.0

Wordpress Blogging JumpBox is a JumpBox with a self-contained version of Wordpress.

Apr 5th 2013, 06:48 GMT

Wordpress-Package-Manager 0.7.6

A command-line tool for installing WordPress plugins

Sep 23rd 2012, 17:23 GMT

Category Subdomains Wordpress Plugin 0.6.6

Convert categories in subdomains!

Aug 18th 2009, 11:36 GMT

Mortgage Loan Calculator 1.1

A great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent...

Feb 12th 2009, 19:55 GMT