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KRunner Translator 0.3.3

A Google translator for KDE

Apr 6th 2013, 12:16 GMT


QTrans is a word translator for KDE4.

Dec 20th 2010, 09:17 GMT

goot 1.01

A platform independent translation tool that features a plugin model

May 25th 2009, 06:35 GMT

JLearnIt 5.0

A multilingual dictionary sorted by categories

Mar 19th 2009, 15:52 GMT

TranslateIt 1.0

TranslateIt is a Vim script that translates a word under the cursor using custom dictionary utility.

Apr 29th 2008, 06:55 GMT

dMof 1.1.7

dMof is a program for word-by-word translation (glossing) of texts between languages.

Mar 9th 2008, 22:41 GMT

SharpTranslator 0.1.3

SharpTranslator is a word translator for the desktop.

Feb 12th 2008, 13:27 GMT

GTK Dictionary 0.5.5

GTK Dictionary handles dictionaries stored in MySQL server.

Apr 14th 2006, 14:49 GMT