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TEA text editor 41.1.0

A fast, pure and open source C++ text editor for Linux and Windows operating systems

Sep 22nd 2015, 06:44 GMT

Gedit 3.16.2 / 3.18 Beta 1

A lightweight word processor with spell checking, for the GNOME desktop environment

Aug 29th 2015, 20:01 GMT

SciTE 3.6.0

This Open Source and cross-platform application provides a free source code editor

Aug 6th 2015, 19:54 GMT

KWord 2.1.1

KWord is an word processing component of KOffice suite.

Apr 1st 2010, 05:55 GMT

Ed 0.2

Ed is a line-oriented text editor.

Jun 8th 2006, 15:37 GMT

Cooledit 3.17.17

Cooledit is a full-featured text editor for the X Window System.

Sep 19th 2005, 13:38 GMT