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Logitech Quickcam express driver 0.6.4

This project is to produce drivers for the Logitech Quickam Express that will run popular linux so...

Jul 18th 2006, 07:05 GMT

Cammgr 1.5

Cammgr manages a collection of web cameras.

Nov 23rd 2005, 17:21 GMT

Gaim Video and Voice Support 1.2.0

A friendly fork of Gaim ( to concentrate on video and voice support, which will...

Jul 26th 2005, 23:08 GMT

iCam2 1.1

iCam2 is a webcam program for X11 or the console.

May 3rd 2005, 20:07 GMT

camE 1.9

camE is an imlib2 webcam grabber, annotator, and uploader.

Apr 25th 2005, 16:49 GMT

webcam_server 0.50

webcam_server is a webcam server enabling streaming video to a Web browser via Java.

Apr 25th 2005, 16:39 GMT
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