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Apache Nutch 2.3

A free and Open Source Web searching software based on the Apache Lucene library

Jun 22nd 2015, 19:43 GMT

YACY 1.2

YACY is a distributed Web crawler and also a caching HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

Nov 9th 2012, 12:53 GMT

larjona-crawler 1.0

LArjona web crawler

Dec 25th 2011, 19:59 GMT

SpiderBOY 1.0

A typical crawler, returns a list of URLs

Dec 23rd 2011, 14:38 GMT

Cesar Valiente WebCrawler 1.0

WebCrawler for the Development & Tools subject of the M.Sc. on Free Software

Dec 10th 2011, 14:50 GMT

PureTest 4.3

An application which is primarily used to setup scenarios of tasks, execute and debug them

Aug 16th 2011, 13:19 GMT

Grub Next Generation C# client 1.0.1

C# implementation of new grub client.

Jun 8th 2011, 11:13 GMT

Grub Next Generation upload server 1.0

The standalone, configurable upload server for grub

May 10th 2011, 09:13 GMT

ItSucks 0.4.1

ItSucks software is a java web spider (web crawler) with the ability to download (and resume) files.

May 31st 2010, 13:44 GMT
  • FTP


File system crawler

Feb 23rd 2009, 20:50 GMT

PyGalleryCrawler 0.1.1

PyGalleryCrawler project is a Web crawler for online image galleries.

Apr 18th 2007, 21:35 GMT

HarvestMan 1.4.6

HarvestMan is a full-featured, multi-threaded Web crawler and offline browser.

Sep 9th 2005, 17:36 GMT