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Pathomx 3.0.0a

An Open Source and platform-independent tool that can be used to analyze metabolic pathways

Feb 1st 2014, 02:10 GMT

Antiprism 0.23

Antiprism is a suite of programs for the generation, manipulation, and visualisation of polyhedra.

Mar 12th 2013, 07:21 GMT

CyVis 0.9.0

CyVis is a free software metrics collection, analysis and visualisation tool for java based softwa...

Jul 3rd 2006, 17:52 GMT

Brabosphere 1.0.0

Brabosphere is an OpenSource program for the 3D visualisation of molecular systems and their prope...

May 22nd 2006, 14:39 GMT

libvisual-nebulus 0.1.4

libvisual-nebulus is the libvisual port of the well known XMMS nebulus visualisation plugin.

Apr 14th 2006, 19:42 GMT

Antennavis 0.3

Antennavis is a OpenGL antenna visualisation toolkit for nec2.

Mar 2nd 2006, 22:32 GMT