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stucco_auth 0.4.1

SQLAlchemy-backed username/password authentication for the Pyramid web framework

Jul 13th 2012, 22:58 GMT

django-email-as-username 1.6.2

User authentication with email addresses instead of usernames

Jul 10th 2012, 22:06 GMT

django-urlauth 0.1.8

Django application for user authentication with key in hypertext link

Aug 18th 2011, 06:06 GMT

TracGoogleAppsAuthPlugin 0.3.1

Auth plugin for Trac for integration with hosted Google Apps domain

Mar 5th 2011, 09:03 GMT

GNU Radius 1.6.1

A server for remote user authentication and accounting

Dec 19th 2008, 00:26 GMT

Web Application Gateway 1.0.1

Web Application Gateway provides core functionality, such as user definition, administration and a...

Jan 31st 2008, 08:58 GMT

Cloud Wiki 2.1

Cloud Wiki is a wiki engine written in Python and backed by Sqlite.

Jun 30th 2006, 16:08 GMT

mod_auth_user_dir 1.0

mod_auth_user_dir is a module for Apache 2, you can create private user folders using WebDAV proto...

May 24th 2006, 17:48 GMT

mod_auth_sdb 0.12

mod_auth_sdb module provides Apache user authentication using LibSDB.

Apr 12th 2006, 17:46 GMT

mod_auth_sqlite 0.12

mod_auth_sqlite module provides Apache user authentication using SQLite.

Apr 12th 2006, 17:39 GMT

mod_auth_ip 1.0

auth_ip Apache module provide user authentication by client IP address.

Apr 4th 2006, 19:46 GMT

mod_auth_pgsql 2.0.3

mod_auth_pgsql Apache module allows user authentication against information stored in a PostgreSQL...

Jan 10th 2006, 23:04 GMT