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Uniq 1.1

This project provides a port of Scnd101's uniq v1 Aurorae theme for the Metacity window decorator

Sep 1st 2013, 06:57 GMT

Qore uuid Module 1.2

The uuid Module for the Qore Programming Language app

Mar 1st 2013, 21:33 GMT

doloop 0.2.1

Task loop for keeping things updated

Nov 3rd 2011, 14:46 GMT

MonsterID 2007-01-21

MonsterID is a PHP script that allows you to create little monsters for avatar images.

Apr 27th 2007, 05:05 GMT

Project VDW 0.51

Project VDW contains a package that generates van der Waerden sequences.

Oct 31st 2006, 01:05 GMT

logmover 0.07

logmover archives logfiles generated by the logrotate program.

Aug 8th 2006, 11:35 GMT