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ack 2.12

An Open Source grep-like especially designed for programmers with large trees of heterogeneous sou...

Dec 11th 2013, 10:26 GMT

django-sitetree 0.10.0

This reusable Django app introduces site tree, menu and breadcrumbs navigation elements

Sep 24th 2012, 01:47 GMT

django-categories 1.2.1

A way to handle one or more hierarchical category trees in Django

Aug 31st 2012, 15:16 GMT

TeXamator 1.7.6

Exercise sheets tool

Apr 30th 2012, 05:50 GMT

MooseX::AttributeTree 0.04

Inherit attribute values like HTML+CSS does

Feb 3rd 2012, 14:37 GMT

transmogrify.pathsorter 1.0 Beta 4

A blueprint for reordering items into tree sorted order

Jul 1st 2011, 23:38 GMT

TinyPie 0.2

Tree-Based Interpreter for a simple TinyPie language

Mar 4th 2011, 00:53 GMT

FreeDup 1.6-2

Freedup walks through the file trees (directories) you specify.

Feb 5th 2011, 15:40 GMT

django-treemenus 0.8.7

Django Tree Menus

Feb 3rd 2011, 13:26 GMT

TreeDict 0.2

A fast and full-featured dict-like tree container to make parameter, variable and data bookkeeping...

Jan 29th 2011, 01:23 GMT

Kate SymbolBrowser Plugin 0.1

Enables developers to view the code structure in the form of a tree

Oct 3rd 2010, 07:23 GMT

django-navbar 0.3.0

Dynamic site navigation trees for Django sites

Apr 8th 2010, 12:06 GMT

django-navtree 0.1.1 Alpha

Django application for adding hierarchical navigation to projects

Mar 25th 2010, 11:24 GMT

Kabikaboo 1.7

Recursive Writing Assistant

Dec 23rd 2009, 07:19 GMT

avast! Linux Home Edition 1.3.0

A reliable and afortable antivirus solution for the increasingly popular Linux platform
avast! Linux Home Edition

Wakanda Community Edition 9.172926

The Wakanda Community Edition platform for heavy-duty and cross-browser web development
Wakanda Community Edition

Beyond Compare 4.0.1 Build 19165

A powerful and cross-platform, yet commercial application for file and folder comparison and synchronization
Beyond Compare

D2X-XL 1.17.90

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Phoronix Test Suite 5.2.1 / 5.4.0 Milestone 6

The most comprehensive benchmarking and testing platform available for Linux systems
Phoronix Test Suite

Webmin 1.720

An Open Source and powerful web-based interface for Linux/UNIX system administrators

Cubuntu 14-04-176b

An Ubuntu based distribution with Cinnamon, GNOME Classic, Openbox, LXDE, and Unity


This project provides personal web applications that respects your privacy and online freedom

LibreOffice 4.3.4

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Linux AIO Ubuntu 14.10

An all-in-one Live DVD that includes five official Ubuntu Linux operating systems
Linux AIO Ubuntu

Ubuntu MATE Remix 14.04.1 LTS

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE Remix

Xfe 1.37

A Microsoft Explorer-like file manager for the X Window System on GNU/Linux OSes

Kubuntu Plasma 5 14.10

A special edition of the Kubuntu Linux operating system that uses the KDE Plasma 5 desktop
Kubuntu Plasma 5

DBeaver 3.0.2

The universal database manager tool for Linux/UNIX, Windows and Macintosh systems

Tomahawk 0.8.2

The social media player that gives you instant access to all of your favorite artists
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  • Tonido
  • LibreOffice
  • Linux AIO Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu MATE Remix
  • Xfe
  • Kubuntu Plasma 5
  • DBeaver
  • Tomahawk
  • avast! Linux Home Edition
  • Wakanda Community Edition
  • Beyond Compare
  • D2X-XL
  • Phoronix Test Suite
  • Webmin
  • Cubuntu

The Family Tree of Family (Unicode) 1.0

A program for the preservation of a history and genealogical family tree

Dec 2nd 2009, 10:45 GMT

cd2browse 1.03

cd2browse allows you to easily create browseable HTML-based menus from ordinary directory structur...

Nov 24th 2009, 09:37 GMT

mygosuMenu 1.5.8

A set of DHTML menus (drop down menu, bar menu, tree menu, windows menu)

Oct 26th 2009, 04:52 GMT

dot-tree 0.1

Collect the directory tree and visualize it

May 23rd 2009, 10:04 GMT

htmlout svn1583

HTML Output Library

Dec 19th 2008, 04:28 GMT

Indent Finder 1.31

Indent Finder computes the indentation being used in a source file or source tree.

Sep 8th 2008, 16:43 GMT

CreateMenuPath 2.0

CreateMenuPath is a Vim plugin that creates a menu that mirrors a directory tree.

May 25th 2008, 16:35 GMT

TreeStat 1.1

TreeStat is a software that can process a set of trees in a PHYLIP or NEXUS format tree file.

May 7th 2008, 14:55 GMT

FigTree 1.1.2

FigTree is designed as a graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees and as a program for producing pub...

May 6th 2008, 10:55 GMT


MPI-FTW is an application used to traverse a directory tree using MPI.

Apr 17th 2008, 08:38 GMT

live downloads


NERD tree 2.8.0

NERD tree is a tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem.

Apr 4th 2008, 13:41 GMT

mirdir 2.1

mirdir is a tool that allows you to synchronize two directory trees in a fast way.

Feb 6th 2008, 11:53 GMT

Almake 0.6.0

Almake is a generic Allegro build system and template project tree.

Feb 4th 2008, 11:40 GMT


TARIS is a software package designed for molecular similarity purposes in the field of Computation...

Jan 31st 2008, 14:31 GMT

DoLatex 1.0 Alpha

DoLatex is a Latex editor with document structure tree view and project handling.

Nov 12th 2007, 02:05 GMT

Bare XML 0.22

Bare XML project is a XML parser with all primary parsing done via a simple state engine with abou...

Nov 8th 2007, 03:35 GMT
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