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Bible-Discovery 3.8.0

A commercial application to help users of all ages to discover and study the Bible

Oct 21st 2014, 14:28 GMT

rbtranslations 0.9.3p3

Java ResourceBundle like approach to localization

Jun 13th 2012, 02:23 GMT

potpie 0.1.1

Translation Utility to Create Pseudo Translations of PO Files

Apr 18th 2012, 03:53 GMT

happy-blog 0.2.2

It's a happy blog!

Jan 6th 2012, 01:03 GMT

fakelion 1.0.0 Alpha 2

Script to produce fake translations for .po files

Nov 25th 2011, 15:42 GMT

Gettext Translator 0.9

Gettext Translator is an editor for *.po files, which are used by gettext.

Oct 8th 2007, 17:47 GMT