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Pivotal Cli 0.0.1

Command line client for Pivotal Tracker

Jul 1st 2012, 16:22 GMT

bugwarrior 0.6.0

Sync github, bitbucket, and Trac issues with taskwarrior

Jun 28th 2012, 15:59 GMT

Kunquat 0.5.3

A music sequencer similar to tracker programs

Jun 4th 2012, 06:48 GMT

Timetra 0.1.0

A time tracking application with CLI and curses frontends

May 26th 2012, 04:49 GMT

django-mini-issue-tracker 1.0

Using the automagic Django admin site to track issues

May 21st 2012, 19:39 GMT

Roundup 1.4.20

A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system.

May 18th 2012, 19:30 GMT

blitzortung-tracker 1.0.2 tracker software

May 1st 2012, 06:14 GMT

hubugs 0.17.5

Simple client for GitHub issues

Apr 30th 2012, 13:21 GMT

django-helpdesk 0.1.7 Beta

Django-powered ticket tracker for your helpdesk

Apr 27th 2012, 07:15 GMT

arbtt 0.7

The automatic rule-based time tracker

Apr 10th 2012, 23:34 GMT

django-tracking2 0.1.3

Tracks the length of time visitors and registered users spend on your site

Apr 7th 2012, 18:53 GMT

ChemDB 0.5

Track chemical inventories and produce inventories and door warnings

Apr 2nd 2012, 11:37 GMT

Merlot 0.2

A web-based project management software

Mar 20th 2012, 11:25 GMT

Light Tasks 0.1

A simple, lightweight, open source, task timer

Mar 14th 2012, 12:30 GMT

Angry IP Scanner 3.3.3

A versatile IP address scanner that works across all mainstream operating systems
Angry IP Scanner

Kubuntu 15.04

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

Haroopad 0.13.1 Beta

A freeware markdown enabled document processor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X systems

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.28 / 5.0.0 RC3

A family of powerful x86 virtualization products developed and maintained by Oracle
Oracle VM VirtualBox

Plex Media Server

A very powerful media center app to manage and stream your media to various devices
Plex Media Server

Enki 15.05.0

This project provides an open source text editor created by programmers for programmers

Opera 30.0 Build 1835.88 / 31.0 Build 1889.50 Beta / 33.0 Build 1910.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

ownCloud Client 1.8.3

The official front-end for the ownCloud personal cloud server for GNU/Linux systems
ownCloud Client

Openfire 3.10.2

An Open Source and cross-platform IM (Instant Messaging) server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 / 15.10 Alpha 1

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

Seafile Client 4.2.5

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client

MKVToolnix 8.1.0

The ultimate MKV (Matroska) manipulation software for Linux-based operating systems

GIT 2.4.5

The world's most popular and fast version control system for Linux/UNIX systems.

Fotoxx 15.07

Improve digital images with this powerful and open source utility for Linux operating systems

Partclone 0.2.79

A backup utility for GNU/Linux systems, in the style of the Partition Image (partimage) tool
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ownCloud Client
  • ownCloud Client
  • Openfire
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Seafile Client
  • MKVToolnix
  • GIT
  • Fotoxx
  • Partclone
  • Angry IP Scanner
  • Kubuntu
  • Haroopad
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Plex Media Server
  • Enki
  • Opera

BEXML 0.01

Provides fast, lazy, RESTful fastcgi access to various issue (bug) trackers

Mar 9th 2012, 13:05 GMT

trigger 0.1

An ncurses stopwatch/timer

Feb 14th 2012, 06:41 GMT

django-visitor 0.1.5

Track visitors across your site using a cookie

Dec 16th 2011, 06:38 GMT

DynIP 0.1e

A painfully simple UDP Client/Server for tracking the IP addresses of your devices

Dec 1st 2011, 15:38 GMT

roundup-cli 0.1

A Command Line Interface for Roundup

Nov 29th 2011, 12:23 GMT

Giggle 0.6.1

A graphical frontend for the git directory tracker (think of gitk on GTK+).

Oct 25th 2011, 07:42 GMT

Pondus 0.8.0

Pondus is a personal weight management program, written in Python, that keeps track of your body w...

Jun 10th 2011, 06:05 GMT

Versatile Maintenance Tracker 2.4.4

A GUI-based Java program that will track the maintenance of multiple properties

Jan 3rd 2011, 11:25 GMT

Timekpr 0.3.2

Keep control of computer usage

Nov 11th 2010, 11:55 GMT

NRPG RatioMaster 0.42

NRPG Ratiomaster is a small standalone application which fakes upload and download stats of a torr...

Nov 8th 2010, 08:10 GMT

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RivetTracker 1.03

A modified version of PHPBTTracker

Sep 22nd 2010, 10:55 GMT

HamFist 0.1.0

Command-line interface to Project Hamster database

Feb 4th 2010, 16:45 GMT

CheckInstall 1.6.2

Keeps track of all files installed by a make install or equivalent

Dec 27th 2009, 13:34 GMT

Wheel 'O Yum 3.6.7

A program to aid in deciding where to eat

Aug 5th 2009, 13:54 GMT

R6 Bill Tracker 1.6

Allows you to track your bills and provides an easy to use interface to identify when bill is due

Jul 13th 2009, 13:52 GMT

Timeloc 2.1

If you charge time for money, then you need Timeloc

Jun 19th 2009, 11:05 GMT
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