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Excelsior 4.1.0

Excelsior is a GTK theme engine based on Clearlooks.

Jan 9th 2009, 06:55 GMT

Aqualooks 0.1.0 Alpha

Aqualooks Cairo based GTK theme engine

Oct 18th 2008, 21:04 GMT

Ubuntulooks Engine

Ubuntulooks Engine is a GTK theme engine that was first used by Ubuntu.

Jul 1st 2008, 16:47 GMT

LipstikLF 1.1

LipstikLF is intended to be a Swing counterpart for the Lipstik KDE theme engine.

Mar 18th 2008, 14:13 GMT

Gtk-Qt Theme Engine 1.1

GTK-Qt Theme Engine is a project allowing GTK to use Qt widget styles.

Mar 11th 2008, 08:49 GMT

MetaTheme 0.0.6

MetaTheme is a unified API for theme engines.

Oct 2nd 2005, 17:47 GMT

Camaelon 0.1

Camaelon is a GNUstep theme engine.

Apr 25th 2005, 14:14 GMT