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Festival 2.1

A general and Open Source framework for building multilingual speech synthesis systems

Feb 10th 2014, 10:48 GMT

Asterisk-eSpeak 2.0

Allows you to use the Espeak speech synthesizer with Asterisk

Aug 22nd 2011, 14:41 GMT

Gtexttospeech 0.1.8

Converts text to speech using Google translate

Mar 10th 2011, 11:15 GMT
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TweetToSpeach 0.2.1 Beta

TweetToSpeach speaks your Tweets!

Nov 1st 2010, 07:21 GMT

Verbose Text to Speech for Linux 1.05

Professional text to speech application to assist in listening to text

Oct 17th 2008, 06:41 GMT

SpeakTclEdit 1.0

SpeakTclEdit is a Linux console speaking text editor.

Jan 30th 2008, 00:31 GMT

OO Text To Speech 0.1

OO Text To Speech is a text-to speech macro for

Mar 1st 2006, 23:33 GMT