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Amarok Reader 1.0

An Amarok script to read the HTML and TXT files inside playing directory

Jul 1st 2013, 09:23 GMT

Txt Reader 0.6.5

Txt Reader is a text reader software, mainly used for reading text originally novels.

Mar 18th 2011, 11:32 GMT

eyeReader 0.1

eyeReader is a simple text-reader (to easily provide textbooks, novels, pamphlets, etc) for eyeOS.

May 26th 2008, 19:14 GMT

AutoScrollMode 1.0

AutoScrollMode is a Vim plugin that autoscrolls text for you.

Apr 21st 2008, 10:00 GMT

lazyread 2.0

Lazyread is a tool that auto-scrolls files or command output to the screen.

Jan 1st 2008, 23:02 GMT

AsmView 0.9.45

AsmView is a text file viewer.

Oct 23rd 2007, 19:40 GMT

Fala 0.1

Fala is a simple text reader.

Sep 11th 2006, 15:21 GMT

GutenPy 0.3.0

GutenPy project is a comfortable text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg.

Jul 23rd 2006, 17:35 GMT

Lukutoukka 0.2

Lukutoukka is a one word at a time speed reader for the GNOME desktop.

Jul 25th 2005, 16:17 GMT