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SQLite Export 1.0

A SQLite database export tool for GNOME

Jan 28th 2013, 02:45 GMT


Replaces the Alt-Tab functionality of GNOME Shell

Oct 1st 2012, 02:14 GMT

Superswitcher 0.5

Superswitcher project is a more feature-ful replacement of the Alt-Tab window switching behavior.

Feb 1st 2011, 09:29 GMT

BlackTab 0.2.1

Konqueror extension for tab handling

Apr 26th 2010, 12:22 GMT


FAST DB is a Nautilus script

Jun 10th 2009, 06:28 GMT

ViewCSVTAB 1.0.4

Allows you to load a large CSV or TAB file and view it to the screen.

Sep 7th 2008, 01:29 GMT

Tabmerge 0.3

Tabmerge is a Vim plugin that allows you to merge a tab's windows with the current tab.

Jun 21st 2008, 14:17 GMT

Tab Menu 1.1

Tab Menu is a Vim plugin that adds a menu with the list of all the tabs in VIM.

Apr 14th 2008, 13:32 GMT

chords 1.1

chords is a Vim plugin that highlights chords and tabs stored in text files.

Apr 10th 2008, 13:01 GMT

Doc Finder Tab 1.0.2

Doc Finder Tab is a Plone product which makes Dieter Maurer's DocFinder available from a ZMI manag...

Mar 28th 2007, 09:05 GMT

The Tab Completion Grade Book 1.0beta4.1

The Tab Completion Grade Book is a full-featured grade book for teachers.

Oct 17th 2006, 23:05 GMT

KTabEdit 0.0.8

KTabEdit is a KDE tabulature editor.

Oct 10th 2006, 21:35 GMT

gExec 0.3

gExec is a small tool for running a command, featuring tabcompletion, run in terminal, run as root...

Oct 31st 2005, 04:25 GMT