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Quick Look 1.1

Quick Look is a package to collect system statistics and output pretty graphics and (X)HTML pages.

Apr 13th 2008, 06:46 GMT

BetterAWstats 1.0

BetterAWstats is made to provide better statistics out of the data AWstats provides.

Mar 18th 2008, 20:36 GMT


ZSysInfo is a Perl script, that generates an overview of current system statistics and other usefu...

Mar 12th 2007, 16:17 GMT

Smolt 0.9.2

Smolt is a basic hardware profiler.

Mar 8th 2007, 17:45 GMT

System_Stats_WebView 2.1

System_Stats_WebView is a utility that provides various statistics about the system on which it is...

Aug 24th 2006, 22:35 GMT


statistiKaramba is a SuperKaramba suite made up of 5 different widgets.

Jun 23rd 2006, 20:33 GMT

eddiebrowser 0.6.1

eddiebrowser is a CGI program that provides an interface to view system statistics graphically usi...

Dec 9th 2005, 20:10 GMT