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Pygments 1.5

Aims to be a generic syntax highlighter

Mar 12th 2012, 20:58 GMT

Mowyw 0.6.1

Mowyw is a command line driven offline CMS that processes html files with a few special syntax ele...

Jan 31st 2011, 11:28 GMT

Vexi 3.0 Build 3835

A platform for creating and publishing Graphical User Interfaces

Apr 15th 2010, 10:55 GMT

SourceHighlightIDE 1.0

An IDE for Source-Highlight.

Mar 12th 2010, 10:25 GMT

wiki2xhtml 3.3.2 / 3.4 Beta 8

wiki2xhtml can create complete Web pages and uses a clean XHTML syntax.

Jan 13th 2010, 20:51 GMT

Trowser 1.3

A browser for large line-oriented text files, implemented in Tcl/Tk.

Apr 1st 2009, 18:14 GMT


ESMTP project is a user configurable relay-only Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) with a sendmail compatib...

Oct 10th 2008, 04:52 GMT

Octaviz 0.4.7

Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave.

Sep 7th 2008, 21:48 GMT

javascript.vim 0.1

javascript.vim is a powerful Vim plugin that offers Javascript syntax.

May 14th 2008, 09:32 GMT

Shobogenzo 1.0

Shobogenzo is a medium contrast colorscheme that is easy on the eyes for Vim.

May 12th 2008, 10:00 GMT

Sass 0.1

Sass is a Vim plugin that offers syntax highlighting for SASS (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets).

May 10th 2008, 03:31 GMT

robocom 0.1

robocom is a Vim script that offers highlighting for Robocom scripts.

May 7th 2008, 10:26 GMT

txtfmt 1.0a

txtfmt is a syntax/filetype Vim plugin for adding format and color attributes to plain text.

Apr 9th 2008, 09:22 GMT

pig.vim 0.3

pig.vim is a Pig language syntax highlighting Vim script.

Apr 7th 2008, 14:58 GMT

Tomahawk 0.8.2

The social media player that gives you instant access to all of your favorite artists

Phoronix Test Suite 5.2.1 / 5.4.0 Milestone 6

The most comprehensive benchmarking and testing platform available for Linux systems
Phoronix Test Suite

Opera 12.16 / 26.0 Beta Build 1656.20 / 27.0 Dev Build 1689.2

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

Beyond Compare 4.0.1 Build 19165

A powerful and cross-platform, yet commercial application for file and folder comparison and synchronization
Beyond Compare

Lubuntu-LXQt 14.10

An unofficial flavor of the Lubuntu Linux operating system featuring the LXQt desktop environment


A platform-independent application to effortlessly stream your videos, music and photos across multiple devices and operating systems

Google Chrome 39.0.2171.71 / 40.0.2214.10 Beta / 41.0.2224.3 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player

The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 32-bit Linux operating systems
Adobe Flash Player

BleachBit 1.6

The fast and easy-to-use privacy and space cleaner for Linux and Windows operating systems

Cinnamon 2.4.4

A fully customizable fork of the GNOME Shell user interface for GNU/Linux operating systems

Kup Backup System 0.5.0

An easy-to-use, simple and Open Source backup system for the KDE desktop environment
Kup Backup System

Pyskool 1.1.2

This project provides a free old-school 2D arcade game written in PyGame and Python

Webmin 1.720

An Open Source and powerful web-based interface for Linux/UNIX system administrators

VariCAD Viewer 2015-1.04

A redistributable, freeware and cross-platform application for viewing CAD files
VariCAD Viewer

Seafile Client 3.1.11

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client
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Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • BleachBit
  • Cinnamon
  • Kup Backup System
  • Pyskool
  • Webmin
  • VariCAD Viewer
  • Seafile Client
  • Tomahawk
  • Phoronix Test Suite
  • Opera
  • Beyond Compare
  • Lubuntu-LXQt
  • TVMOBiLi
  • Google Chrome

po.vim 20080108

po.vim is a gettext PO syntax highlighting Vim script.

Apr 7th 2008, 10:29 GMT

Mother ORM 0.6.4-r5

Mother ORM project is a python module that hides SQL syntax and gives you a set of intelligent cla...

Mar 27th 2008, 02:40 GMT

GLeDitor 3 Pre-Alpha

GLeDitor - the programmer's editor with syntax highlight, extended search features, beautiful icon...

Feb 26th 2008, 22:53 GMT

jass-lib 0.1.6

jass-lib is a library for parsing and analyzing the JASS scripting language.

Feb 18th 2008, 22:44 GMT

smu 1.2

smu is a simple markup tool.

Feb 8th 2008, 22:38 GMT

RNV 1.7.10

RNV is an implementation of Relax NG Compact Syntax validator.

Feb 7th 2008, 07:49 GMT

moin2rst 0.1.2

moin2rst is a MoinMoin formatter plugin for rendering a MoinMoin Wiki page in reStructuredText syn...

Jan 24th 2008, 00:07 GMT

TinyXPath 1.3.1

TinyXPath is a small footprint XPath syntax decoder, written in C .

Jan 14th 2008, 04:09 GMT

External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL 1.2761

External Language Stored Procedures for MySQL is a patch for MySQL 6.0 to provide support for stor...

Jan 9th 2008, 12:54 GMT

Tcltexed 2.8

Tcltexed is a "simple" text editor based on the scripting language Tcl/Tk.

Oct 25th 2007, 16:10 GMT

live downloads


Sample 1.3

Sample is the missing link in the POSIX-compliant cron-family of task scheduling tools.

Sep 28th 2007, 15:17 GMT

RGnome 0.1.9 Alpha

RGnome is a gtk based frontend for GNU R, which is a widely used language for statistical computing.

Sep 24th 2007, 14:25 GMT

medini QVT 1.0

medini QVT implements OMG's QVT Relations specification in a powerful QVT engine.

Aug 16th 2007, 14:31 GMT

SHJS 0.4.1

SHJS is a JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents.

Jul 2nd 2007, 21:35 GMT

perl_config 0.1

perl_config is a configuration file parser writen in Perl that will form part of other projects.

Mar 13th 2007, 19:25 GMT

KFormula 1.6.1

KFormula can be used to create and edit mathematical formulas that can be included in other KOffic...

Dec 4th 2006, 16:10 GMT
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