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GtkSu 0.0.7

A simple replacement for gksu/ktsuss

Jul 29th 2013, 02:05 GMT

Almasa Root 2.0

United root commands for Linux

Mar 5th 2013, 11:05 GMT

sudosh2 1.0.4

A sudo shell and filter, and can be used as a login shell

Jul 9th 2010, 20:53 GMT

Root Nautilus Here 004

Opens a root-enabled instance of a Nautilus window in selected location

May 6th 2010, 13:14 GMT

Adminex 0.2

A GUI for Sudo

Feb 25th 2010, 09:37 GMT


A sudo frontend for KDE

Jan 28th 2010, 16:29 GMT

GKsu 2.0.0

GKSu is a library that provides a Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo.

Sep 25th 2006, 20:35 GMT

sud 1.3

sud is a daemon to execute interactive and non-interactive processes with special privileges in a ...

Jul 12th 2006, 13:05 GMT

rootsh 1.5.3

Rootsh is a wrapper for shells that logs all echoed keystrokes and terminal output to a file and/o...

Jul 12th 2006, 11:05 GMT