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Xpad 4.5.0

An easy to use, free and open-source virtual sticky note application for your Linux OS

Dec 30th 2014, 07:06 GMT

Cloud Sticky Notes 2

Sticky notes are now in the cloud too, with this free and cross-platform application

Sep 27th 2013, 06:54 GMT

Internote 3.0.2

An implementation of persistent sticky notes for Firefox

Apr 23rd 2013, 19:29 GMT

Sticky Ninja Academy 1.0.2

Go to the ninja academy and learn how to climb the walls and fight the bad guys.

Jun 6th 2012, 11:33 GMT

Products.StickyList 1.0 Alpha

Enables selecting a number of items and storing that selection

Apr 19th 2012, 08:37 GMT

slc.stickystatusmessages 0.4

Provides sticky status messages to members for all the folders in which they are assigned local ro...

Mar 23rd 2012, 01:22 GMT

Lipik Sticky Notes Screenlet 0.0.11

Simple sticky notes screenlet for GNOME

Dec 8th 2010, 08:35 GMT

django-extended-messages 0.0.3 Alpha

Extend version of django.contrib.messages

Aug 18th 2010, 06:23 GMT

Rhinote 0.7.4

A simple Python/Tkinter script which provides virtual "sticky-notes" on your desktop

Jan 20th 2010, 17:50 GMT

PostIt 1.0

A sticky-note app for eyeOS

Dec 10th 2009, 20:11 GMT

gnoteman 1.0

gnoteman is yet another note taking utility for the GNOME panel.

Jan 8th 2008, 22:28 GMT

stickystatus 0.1

stickystatus is a small program that displays the sticky and mouse key status in a popup image.

Sep 30th 2006, 09:05 GMT

Sticky Notes 1.1.5

Sticky Notes is a sticky note program for desktops.

Oct 11th 2005, 14:00 GMT