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KDE Service Menu Steghide 0.2

Easily embed data into files with this handy tool for the KDE desktop environment

Aug 6th 2013, 19:56 GMT

Plainsight 1.1.2

A textual steganography tool

Aug 30th 2011, 02:11 GMT

servicemenu-steghide for KDE3 and KDE4 0.1

Steganography using Konqueror/Dolphin

May 19th 2009, 22:06 GMT

ansistego 0.9

ansistego is a software for terminal-level steganography of ASCII files.

May 11th 2008, 15:15 GMT

CryptoMX Tools 1.58

CryptoMX Tools is a set of encryption, steganography, cipher tools.

Feb 13th 2006, 15:16 GMT