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fgallery 1.6

A modern, Open Source and minimalist web-based photo gallery app written in JavaScript

Apr 22nd 2014, 09:07 GMT

Blogfy 0.3

An easy-to-use static website generator designed to help users create websites and blogs

Nov 30th 2013, 20:31 GMT


A static analysis automation framework.

Apr 20th 2013, 09:34 GMT

CodeShow 0.2.2

Turns a directory of code into a static website

Sep 16th 2012, 04:46 GMT

Woodcut 0.4.1

Minimalist content management system for static websites

Dec 27th 2011, 11:17 GMT


A minimal, text-only distribution of Linux that contains a hand-picked collection of tools

Jan 24th 2010, 03:06 GMT

ESC/Java2 2.0 Beta 5

ESC/Java2 is an Extended Static Checker for Java.

Nov 6th 2008, 06:41 GMT