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Arachnoid 0.5 Beta

A clone of Arkanoid/Breakout games

Feb 8th 2013, 10:58 GMT

Golden Spider Solitaire 13.3777.4844

Choose your difficulty and play Solitaire. Stack the cards in the correct order from Ace to King.

Sep 19th 2012, 04:31 GMT

spydey 0.5

A simple web spider with pluggable recursion strategies

Feb 15th 2012, 01:43 GMT

s01.demo 0.5.0

Buildout based scrapy spider demo package for s01.worker

Aug 19th 2011, 16:57 GMT

ItSucks 0.4.1

ItSucks software is a java web spider (web crawler) with the ability to download (and resume) files.

May 31st 2010, 13:44 GMT

Patu 0.1

A small spider

May 19th 2010, 21:21 GMT

DownItNow! 0.0.1c

DownItNow! is a PHP/GTK2 GUI (Graphical User Interface) for wget.

Aug 20th 2008, 12:51 GMT

p-get 1.3

p-get is a custom web spider designed for the efficient download of internet videos.

May 25th 2008, 16:22 GMT

Sitemap Creator 0.2a

Sitemap Creator is a script that is able to crawl/spider your website, create your sitemaps.

Dec 31st 2007, 06:27 GMT

The Spider 1.71

The Spider project is a complete object-oriented environment for machine learning in Matlab.

Jul 27th 2006, 18:35 GMT

robots.txt 1.0.3

robots.txt is a PHP script that acts like a normal robots.txt file, but with a few differences.

Mar 1st 2006, 14:51 GMT