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ispell-fo 0.4.0

ispell-fo is a Faroese dictionary for ispell.

May 5th 2011, 19:48 GMT

Faroese Spell Checking Dictionary 0.4.0

Faroese Spell Checking Dictionary is intended to be used with programs like aspell and ispell.

May 5th 2011, 18:57 GMT

Nepali Dictionary 1.1

Nepali SpellChecking dictionary

Aug 12th 2009, 11:43 GMT

Wordcheck 0.2

A command-line spell checking script

Jul 28th 2009, 12:44 GMT

Kisa 0.63

Provides spell checking as you type and displays the result in a small window on your Desktop.

Feb 24th 2009, 23:36 GMT

ispell-da 1.6.20

ispell-da is an ispell dictionary for spell-checking of Danish texts.

Jan 4th 2009, 09:04 GMT

aspell-da 1.6.20

aspell-da is an aspell dictionary for spell-checking Danish texts.

Jan 4th 2009, 08:47 GMT

The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary 1.6.20

The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary is a word list for spell checking of Danish texts.

Jan 4th 2009, 08:16 GMT

spell-norwegian 2.0.10

spell-norwegian provides spell checking and thesaurus services for both Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegi...

Mar 10th 2008, 15:40 GMT