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XBPS 0.27

The X Binary Package System

Nov 30th 2013, 09:30 GMT

spyget 0.8.2

The application used for padronizer instalation of operational system

Apr 2nd 2012, 00:45 GMT

Python Packager r16

A web service which converts Python source code into stand-alone applications for Windows and Linux

Dec 8th 2009, 14:49 GMT

Tidy RPM Cache script 1160

Deleting Obsolete RPM Files from the cache

Oct 19th 2009, 06:14 GMT

Kdenlive Builder Wizard 0.9.90

Kdenlive Builder Wizard is a Kommander script created to help you get the development (SVN) versio...

May 31st 2009, 22:34 GMT

List2pkg 1.2

Create Slackware packages in a simple way.

Sep 18th 2008, 05:55 GMT
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