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Soccer Stars 13.4331.235

Choose your team and play a game of soccer! Goal!

Sep 18th 2012, 13:07 GMT

Soccer Worldcup 2010 13.3849.1768

Pick your team and win a game of soccer. Try to become World Champion!

Jul 11th 2012, 08:37 GMT

SpeedPlay World Soccer 13.4061.8362

Pick your favorite team. Play a game of soccer. Will your team win and become champion?

Jul 10th 2012, 11:59 GMT

Yoda Soccer 0.77

A soccer game in the style of Sensible World of Soccer

Jun 6th 2012, 07:23 GMT

pyNekketsu 0.15

A soccer game written in Python and PyGame

Feb 29th 2012, 09:29 GMT

TotoCalculator 2.12.4

TotoCalculator 2 program, improves your chances to win on the soccer betting games such as Toto, L...

Aug 5th 2011, 13:38 GMT

Tux Football 0.3.0

Tux Football is a 2D top down "Association Football" (Soccer) game.

Dec 27th 2010, 13:44 GMT

Awesome Soccer World 2010 1.0

A modern day homage to the legendary Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2

Jun 17th 2010, 12:13 GMT

South Africa 2010 1.0

Manage FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010

May 28th 2010, 13:23 GMT

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator 14.0.3

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator project is a platform for evaluating AI agents.

Apr 23rd 2010, 08:18 GMT

Awesome Soccer 1.1

A modern day homage to the legendary Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2

Jan 26th 2010, 09:13 GMT

Dudeball 2.3.3

A 2D arcade game

Jul 23rd 2009, 05:26 GMT

Bygfoot Football Manager 2.3.2

A football (a.k.a. soccer) management game for Linux and other UNIX look-alikes.

Jul 8th 2009, 13:45 GMT

Master Kick 1.5.4

Master Kick is an arcade version of table soccer.

Apr 3rd 2009, 14:41 GMT

Knotter 0.9.6

A cross-platform, free and highly configurable interlace designer for Celtic knots

LMMS 1.1.1

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic

Cinnamon 2.4.6

A fully customizable fork of the GNOME Shell user interface for GNU/Linux operating systems

Seafile Client 4.0.6

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client

Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM Build 20150120 / 15.04 Daily Build

The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!
Ubuntu Touch

Mosh 1.2.4

An Open Source mobile Linux shell that survives disconnects and features line editing

rsyslog 8.7.0

An Open Source, free and enhanced syslog daemon for Linux-based operating systems

Vivaldi Tech Preview

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

Aptitude 0.6.11

This project provides an Open Source, terminal-based apt frontend for Debian systems

Snapper 0.2.5

This is the ultimate Open Source snapshot utility for Linux-based operating systems

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system designed for Chinese-speaking users
Ubuntu Kylin

Xubuntu Naga 24_01_15

An Open Source Linux distribution based on Xubuntu and designed for Naga44 Association
Xubuntu Naga

Aseba 1.3.3

An Open Source, event-based robot framework for efficiently and easily programming robots

Cutegram 1.0.2

A next-gen Linux client for the Telegram messaging service, build with the Qt toolkit

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1 LTS / 15.04 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE
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  • Vivaldi
  • Aptitude
  • Snapper
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • Xubuntu Naga
  • Aseba
  • Cutegram
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Knotter
  • LMMS
  • Cinnamon
  • Seafile Client
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • Mosh
  • rsyslog

zock! 0.5.1

zock! - the betting office tool.

Aug 5th 2008, 13:16 GMT

Full Metal Soccer 1.0

Full Metal Soccer is a fast-paced multiplayer game in which two tank soccer teams battle each other.

Jul 14th 2008, 08:28 GMT

Euro 2008 1.0

Euro 2008 is a software for managing the UEFA Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland Championship.

May 29th 2008, 12:40 GMT

Eat The Whistle 3.6

Eat The Whistle is an opensource soccer game.

May 21st 2008, 07:08 GMT

LiveScoresScreenlet 0.1

LiveScoresScreenlet is a screenlet that displays real time football results taken from an RSS feed.

May 12th 2008, 08:48 GMT

Myleague 0.9.2

Myleague is a console program that helps you to organize your soccer league data.

Apr 2nd 2008, 14:24 GMT

Soccar 0.5.3

Soccar is a soccer game with cars.

Feb 23rd 2008, 17:53 GMT

SpaceCup 0.3.1

SpaceCup is a 3D game that looks like ice-hockey or football in the space with many balls which re...

Feb 3rd 2008, 08:14 GMT

Slam Soccer 1.03

Slam Soccer is a comic style football game.

Dec 4th 2007, 16:39 GMT

KFootStats 1.2.2

KFootStats project allows one to display instantly rankings and on-live scores from European SOCCE...

Sep 2nd 2007, 12:35 GMT

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GtkStryk 0.1.1

GtkStryk generates rows for the swedish soccer pool betting systems STRYKTIPSET and EUROPATIPSET.

Feb 6th 2007, 04:35 GMT

fTip 1.4

fTip provides a soccer sweep-stake manager.

Feb 2nd 2007, 03:05 GMT

Open Steelball 0.5

Open Steelball is a futuristic soccer game.

Dec 8th 2006, 19:05 GMT

vidiprinter 0.4

vidiprinter provides a display of the BBC's vidiprinter for soccer fans.

Jul 6th 2006, 14:54 GMT

Rush 2005 0.4.12c

Rush 2005 is a football game using SDL.

Feb 13th 2006, 22:29 GMT
  • TBS

Pub Team Football Manager 1.0

Pub Team Football Manager is a football manager software.

Jan 13th 2006, 21:50 GMT
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