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WSGIServlets 1.0.1

Object Oriented web programming with WSGI.

Nov 12th 2011, 00:54 GMT

TemplAT 1.2

TemplAT is a general-purpose text-file template engine, designed to be used as an API from Java ap...

Nov 15th 2006, 17:37 GMT


MySQL2JSP is a quick and dirty JSP code generator that creates a full set of JSP (Java Server Page...

Sep 13th 2006, 02:35 GMT

ManagerX 1.7.6

ManagerX is an extended version of the manager servlets from Tomcat which permits management of al...

Sep 11th 2006, 00:35 GMT

mod_uno 0.9.1

mod_uno is an Apache module for UNO C++ Servlets.

Apr 18th 2006, 20:52 GMT

FM-Classic 1.9 Beta 2

An easy way to get data from Java servlets into Web pages

Oct 17th 2005, 19:01 GMT