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HTSeq 0.5.3p7

Processing high-throughput sequencing data with Python

Jun 14th 2012, 20:35 GMT

checkmyclones 0.0.9

Provides tools to check Sanger sequencing results

Sep 10th 2011, 07:20 GMT

SVDetect 0.7m

A tool to detect genomic structural variations from paired-end and mate-pair sequencing data

Jul 25th 2011, 13:51 GMT

Drums++ 0.96

A programming language designed for sequencing music through drum machines

Sep 24th 2009, 09:59 GMT

LutefiskXP 1.0.5a

LutefiskXP is an ANSI C compliant software used to perform the new peptide sequencing from tandem ...

Jan 17th 2008, 14:39 GMT