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Murka 1.4.1

An Open Source CLI software that lets you work with median networks and Steiner trees

Mar 14th 2015, 16:14 GMT

GNU Teseq 1.1

GNU Teseq is an application for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal contr...

Jun 13th 2013, 13:16 GMT

SSuMMo 0.3

Programs to assign taxonomic info to loads of rRNA sequences

May 6th 2012, 16:27 GMT

Mauve 2.3.1

Constructs global multiple alignments of rearranged genome sequences

Nov 12th 2009, 11:22 GMT

ReferenceFinder 2.1.1

ReferenceFinder is a software that finds folding sequences to approximately locate any point in a ...

Feb 9th 2008, 20:34 GMT

SyntenyMiner r.0001-11272006

SyntenyMiner is an application to visualize and interrogate comparisons among multiple complete ge...

Oct 23rd 2007, 15:28 GMT


LAPD program estimates pairwise distances for a set of protein sequences.

Aug 10th 2006, 15:14 GMT