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SecureFX 7.3

A secure file transfer client with advanced configuration and automation options

Oct 28th 2014, 08:45 GMT


This project provides a secure web-based file transfer virtual machine for paranoid people

Oct 29th 2013, 02:44 GMT
  • FTP

NovaFTP 1.1.6

Fast, modern and feature rich FTP Client

Nov 3rd 2012, 15:22 GMT

insecure_but_secure_enough 0.0.1

Lightweight tools for signing and encrypting cookies, URLs and stuff

Mar 2nd 2012, 18:39 GMT

Event Horizon 1.1.11

A web-based application which facilitates the secure transfer of files

Jul 13th 2010, 07:38 GMT
  • FTP

Glub Tech Secure FTP 2.6.0

An utility that allows FTP connections to be made using SSL.

Dec 20th 2009, 16:56 GMT

FSP Client 0.93.0

FSP Client is single executable client for the FSP protocol.

Sep 16th 2009, 10:03 GMT
  • FTP

CrushFTP 4.9

CrushFTP lets you serve files from your computer.

Sep 29th 2008, 14:07 GMT

Cutlass 0.2.0

Cutlass is a cross-platform system for secure peer to peer communication, oriented towards small g...

Jun 24th 2006, 07:05 GMT

GSTP 0.5

GSTP is a binary file transfer protocol that focuses on security and anonymity.

Jun 22nd 2006, 12:05 GMT