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Zukitwo Chrome Scrollbars 0.8

This script fixes the scrollbars in Google Chrome when using the Zukitwo theme

Jan 25th 2013, 22:38 GMT

Firefox overlay like scrollbar 0.1

Makes the Firefox scrollbar like the one in Ubuntu

Oct 13th 2012, 00:05 GMT

Itunes scrollbar for Mac4Lin theme 1.1

Adds Itunes scrollbar for the Mac4Lin GNOME theme

Jan 19th 2011, 10:34 GMT

Uvumi Scrollbar 1.1.0

UvumiTools Scrollbar Plugin

Dec 16th 2008, 04:59 GMT

pib patch 1.2

pib patch is a patch for pib software.

Feb 27th 2007, 15:11 GMT