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Bitnami X2CRM Module 5.0.1-0

A module for the Bitnami X2CRM Stack, which greatly simplifies the installation of X2CRM

Dec 13th 2014, 18:15 GMT

Bitnami X2CRM Stack 5.0.1-0

An installer that greatly simplifies the installation of X2CRM and its runtime dependencies

Dec 13th 2014, 18:14 GMT

trytond_sale_opportunity 2.8.0

Sale opportunity plugin for trytond

Apr 26th 2012, 03:10 GMT

TuxShop 2.9

TuxShop is a modern point of sale and shop management application.

Jan 13th 2011, 14:21 GMT

PSCafe POS 1.1.4

PSCafe is a POS (Point of Sale) system for school cafeterias.

Mar 18th 2008, 16:06 GMT

Gateway Monitor 0.2

Gateway Monitor is a streamline sales tax web service monitor.

Jan 6th 2008, 05:39 GMT

DevMass Cart 1.0

DevMass Cart is a Shopping Cart software made especially to satisfy the need of a small-medium com...

Dec 6th 2007, 18:37 GMT