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Cool-Retro-Term 1.0.0

A cool and retro terminal emulator application that mimics the look of cathode tube screens

Jan 25th 2015, 08:09 GMT

Pyskool 1.1.2

This project provides a free old-school 2D arcade game written in PyGame and Python

Nov 25th 2014, 12:53 GMT

XnRetro 1.28

XnRetro allows you to create stunning images with vintage or instant effect on your Desktop.

Dec 18th 2013, 09:36 GMT
  • RPG

Rogue Legacy 1.0.3

This is a genealogical rogue-like retro style arcade game where anyone can be a hero

Nov 27th 2013, 06:56 GMT

Kickstart 1.2 33.46

A retro theme for Metacity

Jun 10th 2013, 03:19 GMT

Lode Runner Retro 0.99e

Avoid the guards and collect the treasure

Jul 5th 2011, 06:01 GMT