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File rename utils 1.7.3

File rename utils are robust bash hacks that enable various file renaming actions.

Jun 6th 2012, 12:26 GMT

eplist 0.1.7

Simple episode renaming program

May 7th 2012, 22:42 GMT

renameutils 0.12.0

The renameutils package is a set of programs designed to make renaming of files faster and less cu...

Apr 24th 2012, 06:10 GMT

nautilus-renamer 3.1

Batch renaming files in Nautilus

Jan 11th 2012, 07:33 GMT

Font Rename 3

A Java application to rename OpenType and TrueType font files

Jul 3rd 2008, 09:03 GMT

DupeFinder 1.1.0

DupeFinder is a simple application for locating, moving, renaming, and deleting duplicate files in...

May 12th 2008, 07:47 GMT

mp3rename 3.5

mp3rename is a command-line utility for keeping vast amounts of mp3s easy to read and access.

Oct 29th 2007, 21:10 GMT