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Recently Used Files Records Synchronizer 0.1.0

With this small tool you will be able to sync the records of recently used files between KDE and G...

Jul 30th 2013, 01:26 GMT

Search Recently Used Files

Recent files search support for GNOME Shell

Jan 21st 2013, 00:31 GMT
  • KDE

kio_recentdocument_with_nepomukTimeline 0.16

Display several directories together in KDE

Nov 27th 2012, 08:20 GMT

Overview Window Sequence

Displays most recently used windows in GNOME Shell

Oct 31st 2012, 16:45 GMT

Remove Recent Item

Easily remove recent items from GNOME overview

Oct 25th 2012, 15:42 GMT

Smart Launcher

See 2 recently used apps every 30 minutes

Oct 11th 2012, 11:32 GMT

Recent Items

Show recently used items on GNOME panel

Oct 9th 2012, 04:53 GMT