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Fantastic Fiction Adults 1.0.1

A free plugin for Calibre that searches the website for ebook metadata

Jan 29th 2014, 10:09 GMT

Fantastic Fiction 1.1.4

Searches for ebook metadata

Jan 25th 2014, 06:48 GMT

Webscription 1.0.3

Searches Baen Ebook for metadata books

Jan 25th 2014, 05:28 GMT

ANOBII 0.4.2 Beta

Searches for ebook metadata

Jan 25th 2014, 04:16 GMT 1.0.5

Searches for metadata of Hungarian books

Jan 25th 2014, 02:50 GMT

CCruncher 2.3

A free tool for credit risk modeling

Sep 11th 2013, 08:15 GMT

nepomuk get videos rating 0.1

This tiny script for KDE lets users to search movies and TV episodes on their system

Aug 20th 2013, 02:06 GMT

catawiki 0.0.2

Searches catawiki for metadata of Dutch books

Dec 4th 2012, 09:53 GMT

LubimyCzytac 0.5.6

Searches for metadata of Polish books

Nov 25th 2012, 19:21 GMT

django-simple-ratings 0.3.2

A simple, extensible rating system

Aug 30th 2012, 11:37 GMT

TrueSkill 0.4.1

A Bayesian Skill Rating System

Mar 12th 2012, 19:17 GMT

Asterisell 3.7.1

A web-based application for viewing, rating, and billing Asterisk VoIP calls.

Jun 17th 2011, 12:44 GMT