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haveged 1.9.1

A daemon that replenishes the /dev/random pool

Feb 12th 2014, 07:20 GMT

Advanced Password Generator 1.1.4

An Open Source password generator with many options, for Linux and Windows systems

Feb 10th 2014, 15:15 GMT

Spectra 1.3

A random number visualization tool

Feb 14th 2013, 06:46 GMT

cmsplugin-randomquote 0.1.3

Random quote plugin for the Django CMS

Jul 10th 2012, 22:55 GMT

greenbalance 0.2.0

Weighted Random Loadbalancer for TCP

May 10th 2012, 21:33 GMT

pytest-quickcheck 0.7

pytest plugin to generate random data inspired by QuickCheck

Apr 1st 2012, 15:33 GMT

arc4 0.2

Random number generator

Sep 5th 2009, 02:39 GMT

OFFSystem 0.19.13

OFFSystem is a distributed filesystem in which everything is stored in reference to randomized dat...

Jun 12th 2008, 14:41 GMT

Bambini 3.4

Bambini is an educational program for babies.

Feb 21st 2008, 10:50 GMT

bsidentd 1.0

bsidentd provides a minimal and secure identd server that can generate random usernames.

Apr 13th 2007, 19:05 GMT
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SeeBorg 0.51

SeeBorg project is a C++ IRC chatbot.

Nov 22nd 2006, 00:05 GMT

Random Phase Music Generator 2.0

Random Phase Music Generator is a small program that generates random phase music.

Aug 4th 2006, 10:05 GMT

RIG (Random Identity Generator) 1.11

RIG is a program I wrote to replace a particularly poor closed-source unattributed public-domain i...

Jul 14th 2006, 23:05 GMT