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TORCS 1.3.5

A 3D open racing car simulator

Nov 16th 2013, 08:07 GMT

VDrift 2012-07-22

This project provides an Open Source drift-racing game based on the Vamos engine

Nov 14th 2013, 10:56 GMT

Space Race 0.5

Simple arcade game written in Python/PyGame.

Sep 16th 2008, 09:57 GMT

Wrong Way 0.2.6

Wrong Way is car racing game for one or two players.

Jul 7th 2008, 10:24 GMT

TOP10 0.4

TOP10 is a Go-Kart simulator running under GNU/Linux.

Jan 28th 2008, 22:58 GMT

Zyberflux 0.1

Zyberflux is an action/arcade game where you can race your ship along the flux and navigate obstac...

Sep 7th 2007, 21:19 GMT

H-Craft Championship 1.2

H-Craft Championship is an indie racing game.

Aug 30th 2007, 02:35 GMT

Ecksdee 0.0.9

Ecksdee is a futuristic race & destroy game in early development.

Nov 25th 2006, 18:35 GMT

Mindrover 1.07

Mindrover is a car race and battle game for Linux.

Mar 17th 2006, 22:00 GMT
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Turnracer Build 1

Turnracer is an free (GPL) Turn-Based racer game for GNU/Linux and other UNIX look-alikes.

Feb 1st 2006, 01:32 GMT

Tux Racer 0.61

Tux Racer is a very fun arcade game for Linux.

Dec 21st 2005, 16:17 GMT

PlanetPenguin Racer 0.5 alpha

PlanetPenguin Racer is an OpenGL racing game featuring Tux, the Linux mascot.

Sep 26th 2005, 22:56 GMT

Race Game 0.5

Racing Game is a Star Wars: Racer style game.

Aug 17th 2005, 16:17 GMT