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Suricata 2.0.7

A network intrusion prevention and detection solution for Linux operating systems

Mar 1st 2015, 09:31 GMT

Workrave 1.10.5

An Open Source software that assists users in the recovery and prevention of RSI

Dec 24th 2014, 00:44 GMT

ModSecurity 2.6.2 / 2.6.3 RC1

ModSecurity is an intrusion detection and prevention module for the Apache Web server.

Dec 7th 2011, 12:11 GMT

Hogwash Light BR 0.2.4

An Intrusion Prevention System

Mar 8th 2010, 08:47 GMT

GMouseTool 1.3.0

A program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Feb 1st 2010, 09:39 GMT

grsecurity 2.1.10

grsecurity is a complete security system for Linux 2.4.

Dec 14th 2007, 03:19 GMT

Snort2PF 4.3

Snort2Pf can help you to turn your local Snort installation easily into an intrusion detection and...

Dec 12th 2007, 18:04 GMT

NullBound Malware Prevention System NGP

NullBound Malware Prevention System is an enterprise level anti-spyware solution that is capable o...

Apr 4th 2007, 15:33 GMT


IPS HLBR is a fork of the Hogwash project and is a Intrusion Prevention System.

May 19th 2006, 05:37 GMT

Daemon Shield 0.4.0

Daemon Shield is a Linux intrusion prevention daemon that scans for brute force break-in attacks i...

Jul 7th 2005, 19:40 GMT