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Oekaki 0.1

Oekaki is an X11 cursor theme.

Jul 13th 2008, 20:49 GMT


Breal is an X11 mouse cursor theme.

Jun 22nd 2008, 00:40 GMT

mirRunde 0.3

mirRunde is a nice X11 cursor theme.

Jun 18th 2008, 07:45 GMT

Vienna 3

Vienna 3 is J. Aroche's Vienna3 for CursorXP, converted to an X11 cursor.

Jun 14th 2008, 15:27 GMT

WhiteLarge 2.0

WhiteLarge is an X11 cursor theme ported from the Windows "Extra Large" icons.

May 18th 2008, 13:37 GMT

Faber 0.3

Faber is an X11 cursor theme, with a cartoon-ish look.

May 4th 2008, 18:30 GMT