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collective.oaiintercom 2.1.1

Implements OAI gate in a PloneSite

Jun 18th 2012, 00:58 GMT

redomino.seosupport 1.1

Installing this plugin you will get a Plone site with the sitemap.xml.gz enabled by default

Apr 25th 2012, 11:02 GMT

collective.lesscss 1.0 Beta 2

This package allow theme developers to add LESS stylesheets into a Plone site

Apr 18th 2012, 11:04 GMT

collective.jaop 1.1

This product implements OpenSearch interface in a PloneSite

Oct 26th 2011, 09:37 GMT

uwosh.simpleemergency 1.0.1

This product creates a viewlet that can be configured to show emergency noticiations

Nov 2nd 2010, 13:31 GMT

FireBugger 0.8

FireBugger is a product which makes the Firebug Lite interactive Javascript console available on y...

Mar 28th 2007, 14:00 GMT