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This project provides a pink painted theme for the Beryl and Emerald window decorators

Sep 12th 2013, 00:24 GMT

Kind of Blue Suite 0.4

This project provides a blue and simple theme for the Compiz and Emerald window decorators

Aug 8th 2013, 17:09 GMT

AeroPink 1.0

This is a pink like theme for the Compiz/Beryl window decorators, based on Aero-Compiz

Jul 31st 2013, 05:50 GMT

The Neverhood mouse theme

This package provides cartoonish 3D X11 mouse cursors inspired from the Neverhood games

Jul 31st 2013, 01:56 GMT

Freedom 1.0

A pink theme for GNOME Shell

Feb 4th 2013, 01:08 GMT

Utero Collection 0.3

A collection of five themes for Metacity

Jan 11th 2013, 12:19 GMT

Pinksta-SX 0.066

A pink theme for Metacity

Dec 31st 2012, 21:44 GMT

pink_panter_eyes 0.1

Pink Panter follows the mouse cursor with his eyes!

Nov 13th 2012, 23:09 GMT

Spacey Pink 0.1

A pink theme for your GNOME desktop

Oct 13th 2012, 01:34 GMT
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