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Kali Linux Polish Edition 1.0.6a

A Polish version of the Kali Linux penetration testing operating system, the successor of BackTrack

Aug 3rd 2015, 08:05 GMT

BlackArch Linux 2015.07.31

Transform your normal Arch Linux operating system into a penetration testing distribution

Aug 3rd 2015, 03:02 GMT

Solak K&D 8-12-2014

An Ubuntu-based penetration testing distribution of Linux with a Windows 8 theme

Aug 18th 2014, 10:02 GMT

Greyhound-Ubuntu 1.0 Final

An Open Source Ubuntu-based Linux operating system for penetration testing tasks

Jan 11th 2014, 03:58 GMT

squitch 0.1

An Open Source, lightweight and simple to use penetration testing Linux distribution

Nov 3rd 2013, 10:13 GMT