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TXR 104

A command-line software that provides a pattern matching utility for comfortable text extraction

Feb 9th 2015, 07:39 GMT

Pattern-lab 0.5.0

A pattern recognition solution for Linux

Jan 5th 2014, 01:39 GMT

Nannou 0.7.1

Compiling template engine based on pattern matching

Mar 9th 2011, 14:01 GMT

hachoir-regex 1.0.5

Regex manipulation Python library

Jan 28th 2010, 12:52 GMT

gema 1.4 RC

Gema is a general purpose text processing utility based on the concept of pattern matching.

Oct 23rd 2007, 16:30 GMT

mod_view 2.2

mod_view Apache 2.0 module allows for the display in plain text of the head, tail, or entire conte...

Apr 6th 2006, 18:48 GMT