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django-restricted-resource 0.2.7

Django Restricted Resource

Mar 16th 2012, 19:17 GMT

vadm 0.6.3

A tool for versioning system files and directories

Nov 27th 2009, 13:07 GMT

ntfs-3g (Ownership and Permissions Support) 1.5012SR.1

This package offers Ownership and Permissions Support for ntfs-3g

Oct 29th 2008, 18:59 GMT

mod_verify 1.4

mod_verify Apache module is a ownership & permission verification for Apache 1.3.

Apr 6th 2006, 18:56 GMT

SysChk 3.1

SysChk is a tool that aids in the monitoring of file system integrity.

Jan 17th 2006, 21:21 GMT

chkperm 1.7

chkperm is a tool that lets you automatically check and set the permissions and ownership of files...

Oct 14th 2005, 14:38 GMT