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AudioScope 0.21.80

A text-mode audio oscilloscope script specifically designed to easily capture sounds

Jan 18th 2014, 19:14 GMT

sigrok-cli 0.4.0

A CLI front-end for sigrok

May 10th 2013, 14:40 GMT

PulseView 0.1.0

A logic analyzer GUI for sigrok

May 10th 2013, 11:25 GMT

Sill-E-Scope 0.1.0

Trivial Software Oscilloscope

Dec 20th 2011, 13:06 GMT

gds2000tools 0.14

A collection of command line tools for using the GW Instek GDS-2000 series of oscilloscopes

Jan 3rd 2011, 07:44 GMT

Digital Soda 1.1

GTK+ frontend for the DSO-2250 USB oscilloscope

May 26th 2010, 14:01 GMT

Osqoop 1.1.0

An open source software oscilloscope

Nov 5th 2009, 08:24 GMT

ScopeShapes 0.1.1

ScopeShapes uses the left and right sound outputs of your computer to control the X- and Y- axes o...

Apr 23rd 2008, 13:26 GMT

QtDSO 0.3.1

QtDSO is a frontend for the Velleman PCS64i digital oscilloscope.

Mar 14th 2007, 14:57 GMT

Xoscope 1.12

Xoscope (or oscope) is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card or EsounD and/or a Pro...

Feb 20th 2007, 06:35 GMT