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wro4j 1.7.7

A platform-independent web resource optimizer utility for the Java programming language

Nov 24th 2014, 15:56 GMT

KDE Service Menu PDF 0.5

Convert and optimize PDF documents with this handy tool for the KDE desktop environment

Aug 6th 2013, 18:40 GMT


A smart utility for rooting Android phones, installing and optimizing apps and services

Aug 6th 2013, 05:15 GMT

Karnaugh Map Analyzer 1.0

Quickly minimize Karnaugh maps and Boolean expressions

Oct 15th 2012, 04:43 GMT

Absoft Pro Fortran 11.1

A complete tool suite designed to automate building extremely fast parallel code on AMD and Intel ...

Nov 19th 2010, 11:02 GMT

mod_pagespeed Beta

Apache 2 module to optimize web content

Nov 4th 2010, 18:21 GMT

shoepolish 1.0

shoepolish is a Ruby program, that uses a toolset of OSS utilities to optimize file content for sp...

Mar 15th 2008, 06:21 GMT 4.20 is a Perl script to rename, (auto-)rotate, resize, scale, grayscale, watermark digital ...

Jan 20th 2008, 19:31 GMT

Powertweak-Linux 0.1.10

Powertweak-Linux is a tool to tune your system to its optimal performance settings.

Jul 7th 2005, 18:42 GMT