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amsn-now-listen 0.2

amsn-now-listen is an Amarok script that will update your status with the song you are currently l...

Nov 29th 2007, 00:57 GMT

Now Playin Lite 1.0

Now Playin is a Kopete now listening script, 'lite' version, by Amy Brodzik.

Jul 11th 2007, 13:15 GMT

Gaim/Gajim now Listen 0.1

Gaim/Gajim now Listen is a script to automatically change your status message on Gaim whenever a t...

Jan 23rd 2007, 20:54 GMT

NowListening 1.0

NowListening is just a simple NowListening script for Kopete.

Sep 4th 2006, 13:48 GMT

Kopete Now Listening for Amarok

Kopete Now Listening for Amarok script will update your Kopete status to Amarok is playing title -...

Jun 11th 2006, 07:35 GMT