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NetMonitor Lite

Display the bandwidth of your network interfaces in GNOME panel

Oct 7th 2012, 21:47 GMT

netifaces 0.7

Portable network interface information

Feb 3rd 2012, 22:53 GMT

python-ifconfig 0.1

Display network interface status

Jul 8th 2009, 21:16 GMT

DMAring 0.9

DMAring project is a novel generic network interface card driver architecture.

Jan 5th 2007, 14:26 GMT

ifrename 28-1

Ifrename allow the user to decide what name a network interface will have.

Aug 2nd 2006, 19:49 GMT

ifmetric 0.3

ifmetric is a Linux tool for setting the metrics of all IPv4 routes attached to a given network in...

May 17th 2006, 17:50 GMT