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Google+ Nature Mod 1.1

A nature theme for GNOME Shell

Jan 10th 2013, 08:40 GMT

Earth Tones 0.1

A nature coloured theme for GNOME Shell

Nov 6th 2012, 07:35 GMT

Field+Stream October 3, 2012

A nature inspired theme

Oct 4th 2012, 06:58 GMT

Busy Bee Flower 1.3

A theme for Google Chrome that shows a bee working

Sep 9th 2012, 09:42 GMT

Brownstone 0.1

Brownstone is a KDE theme with a pale imitation of nature... Inspired by Green Leaf

Sep 12th 2009, 19:56 GMT

Colonel 0.0

Colonel is a simplistic microkernel offering capability protected ipc.

Oct 29th 2007, 20:22 GMT

Nature -

Nature provides a Nature icon pack for Gnome.

Jan 27th 2007, 16:05 GMT